How To Make Your Pensacola Apartments Cozier!

Apartment living can often feel soulless when you’re unable to put your own personality and personal touch on the decor. There are rules and regulations that you’ll need to regularly take into consideration for making your Pensacola apartments cozier, but there are plenty of ways that you can do that without angering your landlord and still making the space feel completely your own. It all starts with following some of the ideas below and shopping for your space when you move in!

Create a gallery wall: One of the most popular ways to make any space feel more personalized is by creating a gallery wall and choosing graphics that mean a lot to you. It’s important that you’re not drilling holes into the wall, which is why you can purchase hangers at your local home hardware store that have tacky glue on the back and are completely removable without leaving any damage behind. Your gallery wall can be as large or as interesting as you want it to be, and many people use found objects such as pottery, empty picture frames, and even wall hangings to add plenty of interest.

Add window treatments: One of the biggest problems with most modern homes is that people are ignoring the importance of using window treatments. Not only are they a great way to add plenty of privacy in Pensacola apartments, but they can let in just the right amount of light while adding a cozy feeling to an otherwise sterile environment. There are plenty of modern window treatments the don’t obscure the outdoors but rather mesh well with your furnishings and your overall design.

Leave personal knickknacks: In this day and age, we all strive to go for a clean and modern look with personal items that could be misconstrued as clutter, but don’t forget that a few personal knickknacks that you’ve acquired over the years can add more personality and coziness to a space. Especially if you’re moving out on your own for the first time, a few choice items you’ve collected as a child can remind you of happy moments in your life.

Live plants: There are plenty of live plants that you can leave indoors and add interest as well as color and life to your otherwise boring apartment. Many homeowners ignore the importance of having plants for indoor air quality as well as for a pop of color. Many plants such as the snake plant require very little in the way of maintenance and can pretty much outlast anything. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an indoor plant every now and then!

Decorating your apartment and making it feel more cozy will help you prevent yourself from feeling like you’re living in an apartment community without a touch of your personality. It’s okay to decorate your space however you want as long as it’s within reason and applies to the rules and regulations of the apartment community.

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